De Beers Group Ventures focuses its Q1 activities on proof of concept insights


Following the series of demo days executed in 2019 Q4, De Beers Group Ventures is now executing a number of proof of concepts with selected startups across both consumer brands and the supply chain. The Ventures proof of concept approach is engineered to maximise speed to insight so that partnerships can be rapidly expanded or concluded based on a specified set of test results (in alignment with our De Beers Group Ignite™ principles).

Earlier this month the team was excited to go-live on the first Ventures proof of concept in China, testing consumer engagement interacting with light weight human holograms as a bridge between the physical and digital consumer channels in Beijing.

Whilst the majority of consumers continue to make their luxury jewellery purchases in-store, Ventures is maintaining its focus on searching for creative innovators whose products and services can support growth of digital purchases for luxury jewellery.

If you would like to discuss ideas that relate to any of the above topics (or any other areas where you think your business could benefit from partnership with De Beers Group), please get in touch with us at [email protected] and join us in pioneering a new diamond world.


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