AMSMicro (Automated Melee Screening Micro)

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The AMSMicro (Automated Melee Screening Micro) is an automated melee screening instrument for diamonds from 0.001ct to 0.0033ct (0.60mm to 0.90mm). It is designed to screen large quantities of loose, colourless and near colourless, round-brilliant melee, with speeds of up to 2200 diamonds per hour.

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The instrument screens and separates diamonds, laboratory grown diamonds and diamond simulants, with a natural diamond referral rate of less than 3%.

As a fully integrated unit with digital touch screen display, screening results are displayed within seconds. With an automated pick and place, measure and dispense process, the AMSMicro can run unattended while no additional expertise is required to operate the instrument, for accurate results.


  • Screens the smallest diamond sizes to ensure no synthetic diamonds are in your natural diamond parcels
  • Ideal for a jewellery/watch manufacturing/production environment


  • Screens out all laboratory-grown diamonds and simulants
  • <3% natural diamonds are referred for further testing
  • Reduces the amount of time required to screen small melee diamonds
  • Fully integrated unit
  • Automatically measures and dispenses, no user interpretation required
  • Exportable screening reports


  • Screens diamonds from 0.001–0.003ct size range (0.6–0.9mm diameter)
  • Round brilliant cuts, loose diamonds
  • Colourless to near-colourless
  • Screens 2200 diamonds/hr
  • Hopper capacity 200ct
  • On-board humidifier for optimal screening
  • Dispensed into one of the four results bins: pass, refer, lab-grown, non-diamond

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Technical Support

Should you require technical support, please send an email to [email protected].


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