Automated Melee Testing (AMS2)


The second-generation automated screening device, AMS2, is designed to automatically feed, handle, and dispense small, polished diamonds in the 0.0033ct (0.9mm diameter) to 0.20ct (3.8mm diameter) size range.

Around 99% of colourless and near colourless stones will pass and require no further examination. The AMS2 will refer for further tests all synthetic diamond simulants, and less than 1% of natural diamonds. These referred stones can then be looked at on the DiamondView.

The AMS2 instrument measures approximately 315mm (w) x 400mm (d) x 550mm (h). The machine can be located in any type of environmentally controlled facility. The instrument has a fully embedded system; no external PC is required.


  • Automated feed and dispense
  • Low referral rate
  • Speed: up to 3600 stones per hour
  • Cuts: round brilliant and many fancy shapes
  • Stone size: round brilliants - 0.0033cts up to 0.2cts fancy shapes - 0.01cts up to 0.2cts
  • Colour range: Colourless/Near Colourless
  • Fail-safe in all colour ranges
  • Fully embedded system; No external PC required
  • For both CVD & HPHT synthetics

Technical Support

Should you require technical support, please send an email to [email protected].

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