CDX 118CD and CWX 118CD —
Single or Dual Wavelength X-ray Sorters


Free fall, X-ray sorter, single pass, single input, Primary and Secondary bulk recovery; Re-concentration; Material size range (-32mm + 1mm) split at appropriate ratio and feedrates. Material feed application wet or dry.

Features and Specifications

  • Eight channel photo multiplier detection system (single or dual wavelength options available)
  • Manual or automated inlet chute gate options available
  • Robust air ejector system
  • Modular, compact, robust, ergonomic design (left and right hand variants available)
  • Split cabinet design - heat exchanger cooled X-ray generator and power supply compartment
  • Separate control and service panel configuration
  • Single network interface for control and information
  • Full maintenance support
  • User friendly menu driven OTI and HMI
  • Tracer catch trays for tracer tests


  • Maximum diamond recovery with minimum gangue material at high feedrates
  • Spillage free; low yields
  • Self-testing and on-line calibration
  • Operator and maintenance friendly
  • Complete operator safety due to improved features
  • Low operating costs

Technical Support

Should you require technical support, please send us an email or call (+27) 861 44 22 00.

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