DiamondView Zoom



DiamondView Zoom has been upgraded with an UltraXGA USB 3.0 camera with 60% more resolution than the previous DiamondView III. This enables the operator to analyze images on a wide range of diamond sizes, from 0.001ct to 10cts, using a single instrument.

With training, not only can the user differentiate lab-grown from natural diamonds, but also CVD from HPHT.

The instrument looks at a diamond’s surface fluorescence by illuminating with short-wave ultra-violet light. An image of this is then viewable on a screen and a decision can be made as to whether the stone is natural or synthetic.

Loose polished diamonds (0.001 – 10ct) are held in place by either a vacuum holder, or one of the additional holders available for large and small stones. It is also possible to look at some jewellery pieces, such as stud earrings and simple rings, by changing the holder assembly using the adapters provided.

The colour of the fluorescence, the fluorescence pattern and the absence or presence of phosphorescence will differ depending on the stones natural or synthetic origin.

To aid user interpretation, easy to change filters are provided, which enhance specific growth features enabling a decision to be made.

The instrument is approximately 20cm in width, 40cm in depth and 25cm in height.


  • New UltraXGA USB 3.0 camera
  • Mains power adaptor cable with plug (for destination country)
  • USB A-B cable
  • USB3 cable
  • USB memory stick containing software (Windows 10 compliant)
  • Calibration samples (calcite & ball bearing)
  • Suction cups (2 x 2.5mm & 2 x 3.5mm)
  • Sample height-setting gauge
  • Jewellery holder
  • Quick Start Guide
  • User manual
  • 1 year parts/service warranty

Technical Support

Should you require technical support, please send an email to [email protected].

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