The RhoVol machine is a densimetric measurement system that determines the density of an ore sample, by measurement of the mass and volume of the sample, on an individual particle basis.

The machine processes batches totally autonomously and data is displayed live as it is captured, as well as in a standard spread sheet format on a per particle basis.

The Machine is material independent and density measurement range is programmable but not restricted.

Sorting - Optional

  • Segregates particles in up to 10 bins
  • Allows the user to sort according to any of the captured feature data


  • No toxic heavy liquids
  • High speed weight measurement
  • Auto calibrate capability
  • External vibration compensated
  • Semi-portable
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Hands free process
  • Small sample size requirement
  • High measurement repeatability
  • Useable data format
  • Material type independent
  • Particle shape independent
  • Adjustable top or bottom cut-off in density range measurement
  • Specialized reconstruction algorithm to determine shape information
  • Multi-pass functionality
  • Sorting capability: Fines unit (-8mm +3mm) and Coarse unit (-25mm +8mm)


  • 1000 particles/hour average processing time
  • Sample batch capacity 2 litres or less ( -8mm +3mm), 8 litres or less (-25mm +8mm), dry, dust free
  • Single particle feed regime • 6 mg minimum particle mass
  • 200 μg mass repeatability • 150 g maximum particle mass (Fines)
  • 250 g maximum particle mass (Coarse)

Data available per particle

  • Weight
  • Volume
  • Density
  • Sieve size (square and round)
  • Flatness
  • Elongation
  • Compactness
  • Roller gap size

Technical Support

Should you require technical support, please send us an email or call (+27) 861 44 22 00.

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