An award-winning instrument, SynthDetect is specially designed for testing stones in mounted jewellery but can also be used to test loose stones.

Suitable for testing colourless to near-colourless stones with no lower size limit. The various jewellery attachments allow rings, bangles, brooches, and necklaces to be tested. Larger jewellery pieces along with loose stones, can be viewed in the sampling tray.

Using the principle of time-resolved photoluminescence, an image is viewed on a high-resolution touch screen and a decision can be made whether the stone is natural or synthetic.

In September 2018, SYNTHdetect won the 2018 Industry Innovation of the Year for Diamond Testing Technology at the JNA Awards, one of the most prestigious award programmes in the international jewellery and gemstone industry. Click here for more information.

Technical Support

Should you require technical support, please send an email to [email protected].

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