Diamond Recovery Technology Products & Services

Optimize performance through advanced technology and global support services

De Beers Group Ignite has a long history in the development of recovery technology for the diamond mining industry through its integrated subsidiary, formerly known as Debtech. Ignite is a leading science, technology and innovation Business Unit at De Beers Group. It provides sustainable, cutting-edge technology products and services to clients throughout the diamond value chain.

In partnership, the Ignite recovery technology team collaborates with customers and stakeholders to optimize and improve business performance through its diamond recovery products, support services and leading-edge expertise.

Diamond Recovery Technology


XRT Re-concentration Sorter



High Throughput Coarse XRT Sorter

CDUV 118 Osprey

Ultraviolet Diamond Scavenging Sorter

CDX 118CD & CWX 118CD

Single or Dual Wavelength X-ray Sorters

CDX 2216CD & CWX 2216CD

Dual wavelength X-ray Sorter


Non-nuclear Dense Medium Controller


Wet or Dry Feed Application


Single Particle Sorter (Coarse and Fine)


Densimetric Measurement System

XRT Coarse Concentrator Plus

On belt detection X-ray Transmission (XRT) sorter

Luminescent Tracers

For calibrating X-ray based diamond sorting machines

Ceramic Diamond Simulants

For management at mining sites, diamond separating and recovery plants

X-ray Transmission Tracers

For calibrating XRT machine accurately


Recovery Technology Support

Worldwide product support of spares, repairs, inspections to customers who purchased our machines.

Process Services Support

Specialised metallurgical skills and services.


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