Diamond Screening and Verification Products & Services

Differentiate confidently with world-leading diamond differentiation and verification technology

Ignite’s ASSURE tested instruments portfolio comprises a suite of products which, when used in combination, reduces the number of stones that would otherwise require clients extensive and time-consuming laboratory testing.

Through continued research, development and innovation, Ignite is a world leader in developing and providing advance screening and verification technology, enabling clients to accurately screen, differentiate and verify loose diamonds and mounted jewellery. Using Ignite’s instruments in screening methodologies ensures integrity across the diamond value chain, while enhancing consumer confidence in your diamond products and services.

The Ignite team of Diamond and Technology Experts are available for instrument demonstrations and discussions about your diamond screening requirements.

Diamond Screening and Verification Instruments


Screening and detection of synthetic diamonds in mounted jewellery and loose stones

SynthDetect XL (SDXL)

SynthDetect XL for holding larger pieces of jewelry and multiple pieces

Automated Melee Screening Micro


Automated Melee Screening device for melee diamonds less than 0.003ct


Automated Melee Screening


Distinguish natural diamonds from synthetics and simulants (0.05ct to 10ct)

DiamondView Zoom

Looks at surface diamond fluorescence by illuminating with shortwave UV light


Compact screening device intended for use in all locations where polished diamonds are handled

Technical Support

Should you require technical support, please send an email to [email protected].


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